What is Christian Distinctives?

CD started in 2000 when a group of people who worked in five different Christian organisations discovered that we shared a passion to see transformation on the inside of our organisations. We wanted to optimise our organisations' "internal health" so that they would be better equipped to fulfil their individual missions and thus the shared mission of extending God's Kingdom. Out of our shared experiences came the need to see Christian organisations and Churches grow in excellence, both in organisational effectiveness and in modelling Christ-like values.

In 2003 we published Distinctives, a handbook for Churches and Christian organisations which aims to help them improve the ethos and practice of managing people. This is largely used by small organisations who do not have an HR department.

In 2005 we launched ASPIRE, a process which includes an on-line self-assessment tool helping Christian organisations and Churches to examine how people work together and Christian values in action. It was devised and tested by 5 Social and Occupational psychologists.

In 2006 we started to build a model for having quality assured groups of advisers available to serve Christian organisations and Churches.

2010. Over the previous ten years we continued to develop and refine our tools, whilst continuing to work with impressive organisations. We are encouraged that awareness and attitudes have changed in some parts of the sector. We are very aware of the ambitious vision which God keeps reminding us about. We continue to believe that God wants people and organisations to reach the height of their potential while expressing distinctive Christian values. He, and we, want to see His Kingdom come. His kingdom come. We remain dependent on him.

The late Louise Coningsby

One of the driving forces in the founding of Christian Distinctives, Louise (age 40) was called to be with the God whom she loved and served so deeply and passionately in August 2010. Her energy and experience continues to be missed. Here are her own words less than a month before she died. ” The view is magnificent, but there is more effort in daily putting one foot in front of the other. The goal: the peak: God being glorified in my life. The future: celebration. Then coming down the mountain to get on with fresh things God has for me on earth or I guess being “airlifted” to heaven!”

Who we work with

Christian Distinctives works with a range of Christian organisations, which describe themselves in a variety of ways including ecumenical, evangelical, liberal, charismatic, radical, catholic and broad church. Our desire is to support all true Christian organisations regardless of their origin or affiliation, with Jesus Christ at the centre of all we do.

Over the last 15 years we have worked with a broad range of organisations, including  SIL, Compassion UK, YMCA, Interhealth, Mission Care and many others.