Employment Practice

Employment Practice

CD believe organisations will achieve greater excellence and impact in achieving their mission if the core of the organisation is strong. This is about integrating values and Christian identity into excellent internal policy and practice, especially concerning people and organisational management and leadership.

CD recommends a range of resources that can assist in achieving internal professional excellence especially in employment. For these you should click on "further help".

CD has developed some resources especially for Christian organisations and churches which enable them to simultaneously progress in the areas of professional excellence and Christian identity.

One aspect of ensuring excellent internal professional practice is to make certain that you are working within the law. In some countries there is specific legislation regarding the employment of people of a specific faith. For information on lawfully recruiting Christians in the United Kingdom go to Legal.

HR or personnel professionals working in the Christian sector may like to link in with the UK HR Network, which provides opportunities for sharing expertise, support and encouragement and learning from each other. For more information email the EA HR network.

Some research findings

CD's experience and research correlates with a significant study of the Christian Mission sector The ReMAP II survey covered 22 countries, 600 mission agencies, and 40,000 long term cross cultural missionaries. The results demonstrated that retention rates are significantly associated with organisations having excellent internal professional practices.

Detailed results are in the book "Worthkeeping". Revised in 2007 The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) writes, "The whole idea of Worth Keeping is to look for best practice in missionary retention. May we have the courage to review, examine and react upon our current practice. Let us retain, renew and protect best practice where it already exists."