Employment law

One aspect of ensuring excellent internal professional practice is to make certain that you are working within the law. In some countries there is specific legislation regarding the employment of people of a specific faith. For information on lawfully recruiting Christians in the United Kingdom click here.

Since 2004 it has been illegal in the UK to discriminate on the grounds of religious belief in regards to employment. However, when the organisation concerned has an ethos based on religion or belief, there may be an Occupational Requirement for some of their post-holders to be of that faith. This, however, does not mean there can be a “blanket policy” on employing only Christians in a Christian organisation or church. For further details on the current UK law you may want to read our briefing on the Equality Act 2010.

Christian Distinctives focuses on providing resources that assist organisations with the practical outworking of legislation. CD is not a legal advice service – if you are uncertain whether you meet the requirements of the new legislation, we recommend that you seek country specific legal advice on the recruitment of Christians.

HR or personnel professionals working in the Christian sector may like to link in with the UK HR Network, which provides opportunities for sharing expertise, support and encouragement and learning from each other. For more information email the EA HR network.