Unlocking Potential

Christian Distinctives (CD) is passionate to see excellence inside Christian organisations. Our desire is to see you excel professionally in your work and unlock greater potential. We provide specialist tools to grow a Christian organisation's effectiveness; with Aspire being our flagship product.

Aspire - is a unique tool developed to support organisational development processes. It provides another look at how to improve the health of your organisation. Based on industry best practice – and uniquely Christian – Aspire provides insight on how aligned your organisation is to its vision, mission and values, how leaders are managing change, inspiring and supporting people, and how engaged colleagues feel with their work and mission.

Aspire enables you to increase the effectiveness of your organisation by examining different aspects of your organisation's internal health. Aspire is unique as it is a combination of being distinctly Christian and values-based; focussing on staff engagement, organisational health, professional excellence and it supports innovation and communication.

Our Vision

is to see Christian organisations be the best they can. We believe organisations will achieve greater outcomes and impact if the core of the organisation is strong. Our vision is to help organisations integrate their Christian values and identity into excellent internal policies and practice.

Our Mission

is to help Christian organisations and churches to become more professionally excellent, and Distinctively Christian. Through the provision of highly effective resources, we will help you understand your current internal health and provide a platform for achieivng measurable improvement.

Our Tools

We have developed unique employee engagement resources that will help your organisation become truly effective. Aspire is a resource of online self-assessments integrating Christian values and identity with people management and leadership. Aspire Advisers work with these audits to help you grow and develop your organisation.