Who We Are

Christian Distinctives (CD) is a volunteer run organsation linked with Organisational Development and HR consultants who work with Aspire.

Christian Distinctives works with a range of Christian organisations, who describe themselves in a variety of ways including ecumenical, evangelical, liberal, charismatic, radical, catholic and broad church. Our desire is to support all true Christian organisations regardless of their origin or affiliation, with Jesus Christ at the centre of all we do.

Together as a community passionate for change, we believe that we can accelerate positive change to the inner health of Christian organisations, as we all work in our spheres of influence. By helping to change the inside of Christian organisations we increase their impact on our joint mission to extend God's Kingdom.

Marjory Mair

Marjory has been advising on and facilitating change to build high performing organisations, teams and individuals for over 20 years.  Marjory enjoys working at all levels of an organisation and being a relevant part of the change journey whether in her role as a Consultant, Coach/Thinking Partner or Leadership Development Trainer.   A first class honours degree and post-graduate diplomas in Managing Complexity through Systems Thinking, and Design and Innovation enable her to get to the root of issues with ease and work with clients to establish and build innovative solutions.

Catherine Morris

With a career spanning the private, not for profit and public sectors, Catherine is currently Head of Internal Communications at the Home Office, responsible for ~30,000 staff in ~ 300 offices across the UK and overseas. She has significant experience in designing and delivering market research and people surveys that provide insight for action to deliver increased leadership and staff engagement.

Paul Devos

Paul is a resourceful and experienced leader, in both corporate and charitable organisations. Skilled at strategic development, Paul has led the team in delivering CD's vision of seeing Christian organisations developing their Christian distinctiveness as a key to their success.

Simon Caudwell

Simon lectures at Redcliffe College, where he acts as Course Director for their Intercultural Leadership MA. He also works with Wycliffe and other mission partners in leadership consulting and training. Previously as member of Wycliffe Bible Translators, Simon, with his wife Lynn, worked in Ethiopia for 13 years, first as a linguist-translator and latterly as Country Director.

Gordon Lickfold

Dr Lickfold is a Business Psychologist whose focus is on a variety of development, research and consultancy roles.  He previously worked for 19 years in a range of HR management and organisational development roles within the commercial sector. Gordon has been involved in the development of a number of diagnostic tools, and is also a Director of Teleios Insight.

Judith Beecham

Judith is a freelance IT analyst, specialising in design and development of database systems.  Judith has led the technical analysis and systems design for a wide range of projects in industry and for small businesses and charities. She has expertise in statistics and questionnaire design. 

Merisa MacInnes

Merisa works in Communications, marketing and PR. She gives consultancy to Christian organisations seeking to raise funds and profile. She previously worked as a freelance consultant for a variety of Christian charities after beginning her career with World Vision. Merisa is a trustee of SOMA.


Dot Palmer-Fry

Dot operates as a freelance consultant within the commercial and Christian Sectors. Formerly Dot was Human Resource Director for Cadbury Schweppes, has run her own counselling business and until recently, was chair of Interdev. Most recently she has worked in Executive coaching and in OD and Organisation Re-structures in particular.

Brian James

Brian is Operations Manager for Keychange, a Christian Charity, supporting vulnerable adults in care homes for older people and hostels for the homeless across England. Brian's role involves developing project leadership and organisational understanding of Christian ethos and being distinctively Christian, alongside day-to-day operations. In moving to the Christian Charity Sector in 1999 Brian was, and continues to be, challenged to improve the reputation of Christian Charities as employers.

Tim Aikins

Tim is an independent business and organisation transformation consultant. He started his career as a Civil Engineer moving quickly into consulting. He has worked in Europe, the USA, Middle East, South America, and Africa. Tim is also on the board of the Nehemiah Project, supporting released prisoners back into the community, and helps at the Foodbank run by his wife.

Sean Greathead

Sean has more than 15 years of experience partnering with organisations to grow, develop and empower their people. He specialises in innovation, values based change, learning design and organisational development. and has worked in the private, state and third sectors around the world. He has extensive experience in leadership development, talent management and values driven organisations.

the late Louise Coningsby

Louise was a founding member of the CD, a passionate 'people person' and guardian of the vision for the work of CD. We are very grateful for her huge contribution in so many ways to this venture. She worked tirelessly and with great commitment and vision to see excellence in Christian organisations and was an inspiration to many. Louise was a spiritual director who also worked in organisational development with a range of leaders and organisations. Her work involved Christian ethos and values, Board, organisation and leadership development and human resource strategy. Louise was a trustee of a number of charities including the Cross Pollinate Foundation. In the past Louise has held leadership and professional roles with a variety of organisations including an Anglican Church Plant, the YMCA, the Fire Service, Tearfund, Brown and Root Civil Engineering, YWAM Philippines. Louise held a Masters in People Management, was a Member of CIPD and a Trained Mediator.

We are especially thankful for the individuals who have given of their time free of charge to develop work but also to "keep the show on the road", the "hidden heros". We are most grateful to the many other individuals, not currently active core team members of CD, but whose contributions and time have been invaluable to the development of our work. In particular, we would like to thank:

We are also most grateful to the following organisations and individuals who have contributed time to CD:

  • Mike Perreau
  • Matt Bird
  • Bob Moffett
  • Nick Wright
  • Justyn Hall
  • Andy Merrett
  • Don Horrocks
  • Gill Warland
  • The Bible Society
  • Mission Care
  • YMCA - Welwyn Hatfield
  • The Methodist Church
  • Church of England - St Paul's Hammersmith
  • Hope UK
  • World Vision
  • Anthony Collins Solicitors
  • PROSPECTS for people with Learning Disabilities
  • Global Connections
  • YWAM
  • London School of Theology
  • The Evangelical Alliance
  • Housing Justice
  • Interserve
  • Bertie Everard
  • Steve Collins
  • David Simmonds
  • Ron Smedley