Vision & Mission

Christian Distinctives' mission is to help Christian organisations and churches to become more:

We believe that every Christian organisation and church can achieve excellence by focussing on these three internal areas:


We believe there is a need for transformational change in many organisations in the Christian sector. 

Some of the results that we hope for as Christians are God's kingdom coming, society being positively changed and the great commission being fulfilled. When Christian organisations and churches are working to achieve these aims, we need to recognise that poor inner health will get in the way. Just as an individual Christian's relationship with God, pursuing Christ-like values and thus behaviour, affects their Christian witness, so the same is true of the corporate, the Christian organisation.

A Christian organisation where leadership is inadequate, empowerment of people lacking, delegation of authority deficient or team working proving troublesome is unlikely to achieve all it hopes. Additionally, if our Christ-like values and resultant behaviours are not demonstrated on the inside of our organisations, there is likely to be a lack of integrity.

We have developed some resources and tools to facilitate change. The two principle ones are:

Vision - our desired future is: