Equality Act

Christian organisations need to ensure they are working within the current law regarding posts that they determine should be held by Christians.

A new Equality Act was approved by parliament in April 2010, and its associated employment guidance from the EHRC is now available. The employment section of the Act will come into force in October 2010. The Act and guidance may mean changes to, amongst other things, your recruitment policies. We have therefore prepared a document to summarise the current situation and give pointers for getting your organisation ready.

This document will be updated as the situation evolves, so do revisit this page in the future.

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The Equality Act 2010 & Employee Health in the Workplace seminar

Implications for Churches & Mission Organisations

Interhealth in partnership with Christian Distinctives are running a seminar on Friday 1st October 2010, 2-4pm; providing information about discrimination with regard to health, and outlining the changes in legislation and its implications with regard to pre-employment screening.and to managing health and disability.

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