Getting involved

Hopefully through reading this website you have got to know more about Christian Distinctives: our heart, our aspirations, our vision and our work.

We would love to find more connections between what we are doing and what you or your organisation is doing or aspires to do. We would love to find more ways of creating synergy - sharing resources of expertise, time and money. We love connecting with people who share our passion.

CD aims to serve the Christian sector by being a catalyst and facilitator of change. As a tiny serving Trust we know that change is often "seen" to happen through other individuals and organisations.

Together as a community passionate for change, we believe that we can accelerate positive change to the inner health of Christian organisations, as we all work in our spheres of influence. By helping to change the inside of Christian organisations we increase their impact on our joint mission to extend God's Kingdom.

What can you do?

If you or your organisation would like to investigate how you could get involved, or possibly to partner with CD, we would love to hear from you at There are links to some options below: