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Although we cannot vouch for the reliability of all the resources shown below, they should hopefully act as a good starting point if you are only just beginning to explore some of the issues we have raised. If you are more of a seasoned expert, then hopefully there will be a few new resources to add to your library. The resources recommended below have come from various sources within the Christian sector and do not necessarily reflect the views or theological positions of Christian Distinctives.

We have arranged these resources under 7 categories, as follows:

[The first five of these are also the five organisational areas measured by the Aspire Process]


  1. Books
    • Adair, J. The leadership of Jesus. Norwich: Canterbury Press; 2001.
    • Berkley, J. (ed.) Leadership handbook of management and administration. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House; 2000.
    • Bolman, L. and Deal, T. Reframing organizations. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; 1997.
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    • Garratt, Bob The Fish Rots from the Head: The Crisis in Our Boardrooms: Developing the Crucial Skills of the Competent Director (revised edn). London: Profile; 2003.
    • Goleman, Daniel, Boyatzis, Richard E. and McKee, Annie, The New Leaders: Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results. London: Time Warner; 2003.
    • Gordon, B. The leader's vision. Tonbridge: Sovereign World; 2000.
    • Green, Mark Supporting Christians in work. Administry and LICC; 2001.
    • Higginson, R. Transforming leadership: a Christian approach to management. London: SPCK; 1996.
    • Hughes, Bryn. Discipling, Coaching, Mentoring. Kingsway; 2003.
    • Hybels, Bill Courageous Leadership. Grand Rapids: Zondervan; 2002.
    • Johnson, Spencer Who Moved My Cheese? : An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life. New York: Putnam Adult; 1998.
    • Kotter, J. and Cohen, Dan S. The Heart of Change: real-life stories of how people change their organizations. Harvard Business School Press; 2002.
    • Nelson, J. (ed.), Leading, managing, ministering: challenging questions for church and society. Norwich: Canterbury Press; 1998.
    • O'Conner, J. & McDermott, I. The Art of systems thinking: Essential skills for creativity and problem solving. London: Thorsons; 1997
    • Maxwell, J. & Doran, J. Becoming a person of influence. Zondervan; 1997.
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    • Schein, E. Process Consultation: Its Role in Organization Development. 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall; 1988.
    • Spears, L. and Lawrence, M. (eds.) Focus on leadership: servant leadership for the 21st century. 3rd edition. John Wiley: New York; 2001.
    • White, J. Excellence in leadership. Leicester: IVP; 1986.
    • Wright, Walter, C. Relational Leadership. Carlisle: Paternoster; 2000.
    • Wright, Walter, C. Mentoring: The promise of relational Leadership. Authentic Media, 2004.
  2. Videos
    • Maxwell, J. "Developing the leader within you: Parts 1 - 4" [videocassette]. Milton Keynes: Word.
  3. Web


  1. Books
    • Autry, J. Love and profit: the art of caring leadership. London: Chapmans; 1992
    • Chalke, S. Making a team work. Eastbourne: Kingsway; 1995.
    • Eisenstadt, M. and Vincent, T. The knowledge web: learning and collaborating on the net. London: Kogan Page; 2000.
    • Gangel, K. Team leadership in Christian ministry. Chicago, IL.: Moody; 1997.
    • Hildreth, P. and Kimble, C. Knowledge networks: innovation through communities of practice. London: Idea Group; 2004
    • Lewin, R. and Regine, B. The soul at work. London: Orion; 1999.
    • Simmonds, D. How to be a team leader: the simple way to build and manage an effective team. London: Hamlyn; 2004.
    • Sweet, L. Aqua church: essential leadership arts for piloting your church in today's fluid culture. Group Publishing; 1999.
    • Whitmoor-Pryer, A. Kingdom Business. Bognor Regis: New Wine; 2004.
    • Wright, W. Relational leadership: A biblical Model for Influence and Service. Carlisle: Paternoster; 2000.
  2. Videos
    • Greene, M. Christian life and work. London: LBC; 2000.
  3. Web


  1. Books
    • Cummins, J. and Stubbs, I. Investors in People in the Church: The Introduction of the Investors Standard in Dioceses, Parishes and Cathedrals. London: Church House; 1999.
    • Edmondson, C. Fit to lead: sustaining effective ministry in a changing worldLondon: Darton Longman & Todd; 2002.
    • Engstrom, T. The making of a Christian leader: how to develop management and human relations skills. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan; 1976.
    • Heney, D. Motivating your parish to change. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications; 1998.
    • McIntosh, G. Staff your church for growth: building team ministry for the 21st century. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books; 2000.
    • Mallison, J. Mentoring to develop disciples and leaders. Adelaide: Scripture Union and Openbook; 1998.
    • Shelley, M. (ed.) Growing your church through training and motivation: 30 strategies to transform your ministry. Minneapolis, MI: Bethany House; 1997.
    • Simmonds, D. The learning methods toolkit: your complete guide to exploring and using appropriate people development methods. Ely: Fenman; 2000.
    • Simmonds, D. Designing and delivering training. London: CIPD; 2003.
  2. Videos
    • Maxwell, J. "Developing the leaders around you - Parts 1 - 4" [videocassette]. Milton Keynes: Word.
  3. Web


  1. Books
    • Armstrong, E.YMCA Personnel and Salary Administration Plan. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers; 1989.
    • Behrens, J. Practical Church Management: A Guide for Every Parish. Leominster: Gracewing; 2005.
    • Brinkerhoff, P. Faith-based Management: Leading Organizations That Are Based on More Than Just Mission. London: John Wiley; 1999.
    • Burger, F. Church Management Basics. Lincoln: Universe; 2004.
    • Funk, Virgil. Npm Workbook: Job Descriptions, Contracts, Salary. Washington DC: National Association of Pastoral Musicians; 1988.
    • Hoge, D. and Carroll, J. Patterns of Parish Leadership: Cost and Effectiveness in Four DenominationsKansas City: Sheed and Ward, 1988.
  2. Web


  1. Books
    • Stahlke, L. and Loughlin, J. Governance Matters: Relationship Model of Governance, Leadership and Management: balancing client and staff fulfilment in faith-based not-for-profit organizations. Edmonton: Governance Matters.com Inc; 2003.
  2. Web



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