Distinctives - Have a look

Distinctives is divided into 10 chapters, with a number of appendices for further help:

  1. God's Diverse People
    How to consider the spectrum of God's human creation and provide equal opportunities for all
  2. Choosing God's People
    How to make sure you recruit and select the right people for the right roles
  3. God's People at Work
    How to honour the commitments made by you and your staff and put them in written form
  4. Developing God's People
    How to grow those God has entrusted to you
  5. Protecting God's People
    How to ensure the physical working environment is safe
  6. Involving God's People
    How to get the best from your team by involving and communicating with them
  7. Difficulties with God's People
    How to deal effectively with issues that arise amongst those you are called to work with
  8. Parting with God's People
    How to continue to honour people when employment has to end
  9. God's Vulnerable People
    How to ensure children and vulnerable adults are kept safe at all times
  10. God's Volunteers
    How to work with and keep those who freely give their time and skills

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