Thank you for taking the time to consider using this handbook. The way we manage our people in Christian organisations and churches should be distinctive. Changing times and new legislation make it imperative for us to understand and manage our ethos and people-management practices. Distinctives will help you to work through the spectrum of practical issues in managing staff and volunteers from a biblical perspective.

This pack assumes little knowledge of Personnel Management and although larger organisations may find it a helpful check, it is primarily designed for:

The contents are designed to reflect various aspects of working with people. Each section provides an introduction to the issue and highlights the distinctively Christian aspects, before working through some of the practical issues involved. At the end of each section there is a checklist for action and some helpful pointers for further investigation and sources of help.

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Due to the unique nature of national legislation, Distinctives is aimed at Churches and organisations based in the UK. However, many of the principles will be applicable elsewhere.