CD is part of a wide community of likeminded people who are passionate to see change in the Christian sector. We aim to encourage and, when appropriate, help to equip people and organisations to work more collaboratively in order to practically resource the Christian sector.

CD is keen to build a greater sense of interdependence and joint vision. We realise there are challenges in holding the polarity of cooperation, consensus and community, when some community members hold professional roles that may be regarded as being in competition. We realise that we may be being "counter cultural". However, we believe it is only by working in collaboration with others that we will see the vision fulfilled.

By the sector - for the sector

The concepts and niche resources have been developed "by the sector - for the sector", with input from a number of Christian organisations and individuals. As a small neutral trust, CD was created to protect intellectual property and to be guardians of the whole. Thus CD aims to ensure that progress made is retained for the benefit of the whole Christian sector, rather than possibly being "lost" within the wider agenda of any one organisation or aligned with any particular theological position or brand. The Trust is not about making financial profit or promoting individuals or a brand, but rather about promoting a vision, ethos and way of working.

People and Organisations in the overall community

CD connects those who are passionate to see change on the inside of the Christian Sector. They are involved either formally or informally. They may be independent individuals - for example a Christian lawyer, a public policy adviser, a CEO, a minister, an HR lead, a consultant, or a person called to pray for change. Alternatively, a whole organisation - for example a parachurch or support organisation - may wish to join the CD community, in which case they would be represented by one or more individuals.

Sub sections of the community

CD aims to facilitate the building and equipping of communities of people and organisations to bring about change. Some examples of those involved in the CD community are: