How can I get more formally involved in CD communities?

People and organisations are involved in a range of ways. If you or your organisation would like to investigate how you could get involved, or possibly to partner with CD, we would love to hear from you by . Some of the options available are:

Be a Partner Organisation

You could:

External Consultants to Christian Organisations

Consider becoming part of a quality assured team of advisers to the Aspire process, and / or part of a community of consultants who provide expertise in such areas as organisational development, Christian identity, inclusivity and people management.

Internal Consultants within Christian organisations

CD has developed a model of quality assurance for advisers, which suggests ways of working together and strategic methods for outworking the vision. This model can be shared and replicated within member organisations and / or subsectors of the Christian Sector.

Help to run CD

To enable CD to be effective people and organisations give of their time to assist with such aspects as development of niche resources, standards and audits, and monitoring successful outcomes. Some ways to assist are:

Raise Awareness

If you feel passionate about the vision of CD and would like to encourage greater awareness, attitude change and action from strategic Christian leaders and organisations, then you may like to become an ambassador for CD.

For more background about CD, the following links may help: