About Us

What is Christian Distinctives?

Currently, Christian Distinctives can be considered in several ways.

How we started

It all started in 2000 when a small group of people who worked in five different Christian organisations discovered that we shared a passion to see transformation on the inside of our organisations. We wanted to optimise our organisations' "internal health" so that they would be better equipped to fulfil their individual missions and thus the shared mission of extending God's Kingdom. We started meeting to learn from each other's organisations and experience, and these early discussions soon developed from focusing on the five individual organisations to recognising a perceived need across the Christian Sector. Thus we developed a shared passion to see Christian organisations and Churches grow in excellence, both in organisational effectiveness and in modelling Christ-like values.

Some milestones

In 2003 we published Distinctives, a handbook for Churches and Christian organisations which aims to help them improve the ethos and practice of managing people.

In 2005 we launched ASPIRE, a process which includes an on-line self-assessment tool helping Christian organisations and Churches to examine how people work together and Christian values in action.

In 2006 we started to build a model for having quality assured groups of advisers available to serve Christian organisations and Churches.

2010 and beyond

By 2010 our work had extended from sharing concepts and producing niche resources to a greater emphasis on connecting people who share our passion. A wide community is being built of people and organisations who work collaboratively to practically resource the Christian sector.

We are amazed at how God has grown the work over the last 10 years. We are encouraged that awareness and attitudes have changed in some parts of the sector. We are delighted where our resources have assisted organisationns. We love connecting with new people who share our passion.

We are very aware of the ambitious vision which God keeps reminding us about. We continue to believe that God wants people and organisations to reach the height of their potential while expressing distinctive Christian values. He, and we, want to see His kingdom come. We remain dependent on him.

Support from others

We are very grateful to each of the 5 organisations in which the founding members of CD held leadership roles, namely Agapé, The Evangelical Alliance, Mission Care, Prospects and the YMCA, in releasing staff time in support of CD projects, and so for the benefit of the wider Christian community.

Various other people and organisations have also provided input and support on the journey. We are particularly indebted to Pi Management and eKreative for their encouragement and generous support in implementing the Aspire web pages.

Who we work with

Christian Distinctives works with a range of Christian organisations, which describe themselves in a variety of ways including ecumenical, evangelical, liberal, charismatic, radical, catholic and broad church.

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